How to register for Monywayz

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Do you want to register for Monywayz?
Do you know how Monywayz works?

Registration Guide for Monywayz
Before you can register for Monywayz, you must have a coupon code or have 500NGN you can use for payment through online transaction.
In case you don't have coupon code. Contact here

    The steps for Monywayz Registration is as follow;
  1. Go to the Registration Page
  2. Fill in the required form
  3. Use either Coupon code or debit/Credit card
  4. The click Register now  
  5. Done

The registration page of monywayz
In the picture above there is a coloum for copoun code if. You have coupon code. You can easily implement it there.

The picture above, incase you want to use your debit/Credit card. Then you click that.

Click register now. And you are done .
Very simple and continue to earn

Incase you need help.

Contact me Call or Whatsapp(09058267824) 
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