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LOVERSWAYS Registration Tutorial: How to Register and Activate Quickly

This Loversways registration tutorial will walk you through step by step how you can join the Loversways Affiliate Program and also how to activate your account and start making money.

But before then I have Special Bonus for you that will help you make a lot of money on Loversways if you signup using my referral link in this post.

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So you see?

You can’t do without my bonuses because it will really help you make a lot of money on Loversways when you register and activate your account.

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Remember you are getting my bonuses free of charge if you register and upgrade your account with my referral link.

Now that you know the bonuses you’ll be getting, let’s get started on how to register a Loversways account and upgrading procedures.

Loversways Registration Tutorial: How to Register and Activate your Account on Loverways Affiliate Program + My Bonus

You need to follow the below steps carefully so you don’t make any mistakes.

Don’t skip anything, just drop whatever you are doing right now and follow the procedures carefully.

Note that in order to make money on Loversways you need to not only register but also activate your account with the N2,000 fee and in order to qualify for my special bonus, you need to make sure you follow the below instructions.

===>Do you want to know how Loversways works Click here ====

Step by Step to Register for Loversways

Step 1: Click here to the registration Page.

Step 2: Fill in your details such as Name, email address, phone number, etc.

Just make sure its filled correctly.

Step 3: Incase you see the field for Referral Username, make sure what is there is Member

That’s my referral link and that is what will qualify you for getting my special bonus.

Below is a screenshot:

Step 4: When you are done filling the form, This is when you  will decide the mode of payment you want to use.
The available payment method Is:

  • Method 1: CREDIT/DEBIT CARD (ATM) If you are not good in online transactions, I advice you to go for the second Method. 
  • Method 2: Making Use of Coupon code Coupon code is a generated digit used to clear off the fee attached for the registration. 


Using the two method, let me explain.
Follow below steps carefully;

For Method 2:

Pay to an official coupon code distributor
You need to make a payment of N2,000 to an Official loversways coupon code distributor and there is a Lady you are going to pay to, her name is Opeoluwa.

Below is how to do it:

Make your payment of N2,000 to her account details below:

Gbadamosi Opeoluwa

After you have made your payment, you need to send a message to Opeoluwa containing:

  • Your full name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Username,
  • Phone No.
  • and finally, send the debit alert to 07053362482 on WhatsApp. She will send you the coupon code Immediately without any delay. Click here to go Direct to her Whatsapp

The code is like some digit, and when she sends it to you, follow below to make use of it quickly

Usage Procedures:

Remember we stopped at STEP 3. Now once you have gotten your coupon code. Follow the Step To STEP 3.

Then you will Input the coupon code given to you in the form space for coupon code, now apply it.
Finally Click on Proceed to Register

Now you can start earning money by writing articles or referring others, that’s where my Super bonus come in.

and Note: Referrals is not compulsory to withdraw your earnings.

How to Claim your Bonuses from me.
If you followed the instructions carefully in this post and you have registered and also activated your account, then you should send me an email to letting me know.

Also make sure you include your username in the email for me to confirm that you used my referral link.

I will send the bonus to you immediately.

Then you can follow and implement what is there in the bonuses and make money from loversways.

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In summary, below are the bonuses you are getting from me if you register to Loversways using my referral link in this post and the instructions again.

  1. You Signup and activate using this link
  2. Send me an email to that you have registered and activate using my referral link
  3. You will get another bonus that will allow you to successfully earn the N1,000 per article on loverways

That’s it.
if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop them in the comment section of this post.

I hope this loverways registration guide and my special bonus helps you.
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